About St Katherine's Care

We deliver the highest quality of personal care, support, and companionship to anyone who needs it, in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The type of care and support we provide is tailored to the individual and their circumstances.

Due to the nature of our work, we get to know our customers on a personal level and they are extremely important to us. We strive to treat each and every one of our customers equally, with respect, honesty and transparency, and our team live out these values on every visit.

Our staff are our greatest asset: we’re very proud of our team and keep them well-trained and informed about the latest policies and regulations so they can continue to deliver a great service. Our staff need to be cared for too and we never lose sight of that. At St Katherine’s Care, care works both ways!

We provide a high level of training for staff in dedicated training rooms at our Lincoln-based HQ, both at the start of their career with us and at regular intervals as the years roll by, keeping quality at the heart of what we do.

Our Customers

Do you or your loved ones need care? Can we be of help?

Many of our customers are elderly, but by no means all. We also work with young adults, people with limited mobility, those with learning difficulties, victims of accidents, dementia, and more. Our experienced team are trained to offer care and support to our customers and their families and, unlike many home-care agencies, we pride ourselves in providing a bit of extra time for our care-givers to really make the difference to each and every person they visit.

Care Packages

All our care packages are individually tailored and have the customer at their heart.

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We’re fully committed to maintaining our customers independence and we’re continually working to develop innovative new ideas to make their lives better. That might mean monitoring their health, state of mind, living conditions, diet and well-being, or just being there for a chat when it’s needed most. We aim to provide care that suits their needs, even if that changes over time.

Why St Kath's?

Put simply, absolutely everything we do is with the customer in mind. We try very hard to match carers to customers, taking into account individual needs and circumstances, and going that extra mile is important to us.

Communication is also very important and we aim to keep family and next of kin fully informed. Is everything is going well? Do we have any concerns? Do YOU have any concerns? How are you and your loved ones feeling? We do our level best to make sure family members are kept up to date and any issues dealt with.

In addition, We’re part of the NHS email system, so we can talk to doctors and social workers when we need to. It might be about medications, prescriptions, care packages or other concerns but, again, our aim is to smooth the way to great care.

Finally, our care coordinators have extensive experience of the funding system and the choices that, in this day and age, you have to make. We understand the needs of the “Sandwich” generation, dealing with ageing dependents at one end, while managing kids and a hectic life at the other. Talk to us, you’ll find a sympathetic ear and a good deal of help where you need it the most.

Care Quality Commission

What makes a “GOOD” care company, in the eyes of the CQC? They are the regulatory body for the Care sector and we have to abide by their rules and guidelines. All registered Care companies are inspected by CQC and the report is publicly available; we’re proud to say that we got a “Good” rating across the board.

You can read the CQC report by clicking the link opposite, but what it means in reality is that we comply with all the CQC requirements and have good, robust systems in place, particularly to do with keeping records well, and keeping them confidential.

It’s a bit boring to talk about, but it means your loved ones are treated with respect, to a high, nationally approved standard, communications with other agencies (such as the NHS) are confidential and secure, and that the records we keep about your loved ones are also kept securely and in complete confidence.

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