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Spotting the Signs

Posted: 3 March 2021

Time marches on. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed everything for everyone of all ages and walks of life, and accessibility to the elderly and the vulnerable in society for the past year has been impossible at worst and fraught with challenges at best. How are your loved ones faring? Not only the […]

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The lifeline of home care…

Posted: 1 February 2021

When simple parts of daily routines such as shopping, dressing and cleaning become a more serious challenge for our elderly relatives it’s time to take stock and look at how things could be made easier for them. The first thing that always springs to mind is residential care, but we know this is a huge […]

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Beat The January Blues…

Posted: 15 January 2021

Monday the 18th of January (this year) is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, as if this year COULD get any more depressing! For those of us who suffer with depression and anxiety, we know it’s not a question of simply ‘pulling yourself together’. If only it were… We’ve talked about […]

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Don’t be lonely this Christmas!

Posted: 23 December 2020

Loneliness was a mental health issue long before the Covid-19,  but let’s face it, 2020 has only made it worse with social distancing leaving millions of people feeling isolated in the UK. Throw into the mix the shorter, darker days that winter brings and the inevitable increase of time spent indoors, and it doesn’t take […]

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Our very own Lockdown Hero!

Posted: 3 November 2020

Care Co-ordinator Debbie Named Local Lockdown Hero! When Care Co-ordinator Debbie made the decision to live apart from her two young children during the pandemic, so she could keep providing vital care to our customers, she could not have imagined she would go on to win an award! Debbie was one of eight people officially […]

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Celebrating our Homecare Heroes!

Posted: 24 August 2020

Like many others, particularly those working in the healthcare sector, we’ve been through some really challenging times over the past five months. However, the support we have received from clients and their families as well as partners and suppliers has made all the hard work worthwhile. Earlier this week one of our kind-hearted clients knitted […]

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The Future Of Care

Posted: 15 July 2020

To secure a more prosperous and sustainable future the care sector needs to move away from being perceived as a manual labour/blue collar occupation and become a recognised and respected profession. Vulnerable Customers As a company we routinely work with the NHS, social services, local authorities and of course our customers and their families, and […]

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Shielding Rules!

Posted: 26 June 2020

The lockdown eases – for some! No doubt you will have seen the government’s latest relaxations of the rules for social distancing and interaction. Alongside this is a further easing of the restrictions on many shops and businesses including hairdressers, bars, restaurants and hotels. All of this has been expected and sadly, following the introduction […]

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Making Life Better for Carers

Posted: 10 June 2020

Carers Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of the millions of unpaid carers in the UK and the challenges they face, particularly during the pandemic. Staggeringly, an additional 4.5 million people are now caring for older, disabled or seriously ill relatives or friends because of coronavirus. These unsung heroes are undertaking huge caring responsibilities […]

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A safe place for better mental health?

Posted: 21 May 2020

The day-to-day business of care is about people who need help for a whole bucket of reasons. Of course we all have our problems and the old and infirm (and indeed anyone who needs care) have very specific ones, and we at St Kath’s are committed to doing what we can to help. Mental Health […]

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